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What is 3D digital ear scanning?

We know no two ears are alike, and your audiogram is like a fingerprint.  So why should your hearing aids be standardized ones that look and fit like everyone else's?  Too often we see patients fit with (or misfit with) 'rubbery' non custom tips/domes.  Hearing aids with non-custom fittings can slip or fall out of the ear.  Much needed amplification may also leak out as these are not custom fit applications.  Although there are some clinical instances a non-custom application is warranted, many times, a customized solution is required.  At Halton Audiometric Centre, we pride ourselves on providing custom, individualized care and this requires taking an accurate mold of the ear.

3D ear scanning allows us to take a 3-dimensional digital scan of your ear and ear canal.  This process is far safer and precise than taking a conventional impression of the ear with silicone.  Your 3-dimensional scan is sent directly to the laboratory and your custom mold is 3D printed.

We are proud to be one of a few clinics in North America to provide this advanced technological breakthrough for our patients.

Come see us today and experience the industries most advanced technological solutions that will help you hear better and live better!

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